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My Favorite Natural Treatment for Cradle Cap


Ever since she was born, one of my girls has had a pretty bad cradle cap.  For the cradle cap, our pediatrician didn’t offer up much advice other than that we could try putting some hydrocortisone cream on it.  I didn’t love that option when I examined the ingredients on different brands of this type of cream and found that most contain parables, alcohol, and other questionable ingredients I didn’t really want to be putting on my baby.

So I tried other natural options that I read about on the internet, including coconut oil and olive oil, but nothing really seemed to work and her cradle cap continued to look really bad.  Finally out of desperation I tried some hydrocortisone cream and it didn’t even work!  Thankfully, after some experimenting, I found something that really works to alleviate my daughter’s cradle cap.

Nontoxic Cradle Cap Remedy

My nontoxic cradle cap remedy involves a process that includes using The Honest Company’s organic healing balm.  I love this balm because it is made from naturally derived, non-toxic ingredients (the Environmental Working Group gives this product a score of “1,” which means they consider its overall potential health hazard to be very low), it’s gentle on my babies’ skin, and it really helps keep that cradle cap under control.

Here is my process for treating cradle cap

If your baby has a pretty bad case of cradle cap, I like to start with a bath first to cleanse and moisturize the skin and get rid of some of the dry flakes of skin.  Use shampoo and scrub over the cradle cap area gently with a baby washcloth, then rinse.  While the baby is still in the water take a soft baby brush and gently brush back and forth over the cradle cap area to remove dry flakes of skin.

Take baby out of the tub and dry off with a towel.  Then immediately apply some organic healing balm to the cradle cap area and rub it in.

Take a baby comb and gently comb over the cradle cap area that now also has healing balm on it and gently lift and remove any remaining flakes of dry, dead skin.  Keep applying balm to the area as needed and combing over it until all dead flakes of skin are removed.  This part may get a little messy.  You can use a paper towel to wipe off the comb as needed.  When you’re done you may also need to take a moist washcloth and just wipe it over the baby’s head/hair to clean off any stray flakes or excess balm.

Continue to apply a small amount of balm to the cradle cap area at every nap time or bedtime to keep the area moisturized.

If you see more flakes of skin in the coming days, repeat steps 3 and 4, or you can repeat steps 1 through 4 if you’re ready to give your baby a bath again.

The downside to this process is that your baby’s head and hair will have a bit of a greasy look to the most of the time, but that was a tradeoff I could live with given the alternative look of big, dry, dead skin flakes all over my baby’s head all of the time!  The severity of my daughter’s cradle cap has lessened so much that now I only need to apply a small amount of the balm on her head right before bedtime and her skin looks great.

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