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Uk Accommodation for Students


The choice of accommodation is as important as choosing the school where you will study language in the UK. There are different options for accommodation during your language education.

Host Family

Homestay accommodation, which is generally preferred by students, is a form of accommodation that enables students to get to know English culture and lifestyle and transfer their own culture to them while being a continuation of English education. Language Schools; it places its students with a well-referenced British family with whom they are contracted.

The biggest advantage of homestay accommodation is that you have the chance to practice everything you learned at the language school at home. Homestay accommodation in single or double rooms according to the student’s wishes; It can be full board, half board, and bed and breakfast.

Dormitory accommodation

In England, staying in Student Residence is more expensive in terms of finance;  but it is an accommodation option that gives students more freedom. In Student Residence Halls you usually stay with two or more students. Single rooms are also available. Dormitory accommodation is ideal for students in terms of friendship sharing and working opportunities. School dormitories or private dormitories are usually located in the city center and are very close to the school. You share the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry. Dormitories; It also has study rooms, recreation rooms, telephone, television, library, computer rooms, and a gym.

Apartment or Rental Home Accommodation

Renting an apartment or house is another accommodation option. This option can be a good alternative for our long-term UK students who want more independence and comfort; Because the UK usually does not have a contract for less than 6 months. Sharing with other students is preferred due to the high rents of furnished houses. You have the opportunity to choose the house you will rent close to the city center and your school.

 Staying at Hotel

It is the accommodation alternative preferred by managers who come to England for short-term foreign language education. You have the opportunity to choose your hotel in the comfort you want and close to your school. It is more expensive than other accommodation options in terms of price; however, an alternative hotel that suits your taste and wishes can easily be found in England.

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