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New Fallout Vegas for Pc Xbox 360 and Ps3


The latest episode of the license Fallout, Fallout Vegas New releases this Friday, October 22 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. Your character tries to survive in a post-atomic Mojave desert surrounded by lookalikes of the King and other mutants. Quite a challenge!

After the undeniable success of the first two Fallout, Fallout 3 was rather disappointed fans who thought the game was struggling to renew itself. New Fallout Vegas for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 comes out this Friday, October 22, and will attempt to win back fans of the first hour while attracting new ones. The first tests of Fallout Vegas New link, however, a realization far from optimal. Rest gameplay that has already proven itself and a world that speaks to the imagination.

Customize your avatar

Your first mission in New Fallout Vegas is to return from the dead as your character, an anonymous driver, is being dug up by a robot after receiving two bullets in the head. In very poor condition, your body will be many treatments for functional again. This is an opportunity, assisted by the professional expertise of Dr. Mitchell’s character to give your physical and psychological traits that will characterize it in the game This is an introduction to the subject rather amusing.

Lookalike of the King in New Las Vegas

Once your horseback on his feet and has a personality, during his first Fallout New Vegas will want to find out who tried to kill him and why. It will investigate why to go in the Mojave Desert, in the wilds of Nevada, in a post-apocalyptic are two main factions compete to capture the few remaining resources such as water or electricity. And as if that were not enough, this desert is also home to various creatures more or less frightening and mutant Sosies such as the King.
Fallout Vegas and New reputation system

On the edge of the desert a new town has been rebuilt, New Vegas, and it has nothing to envy to the city the game fast and marriages of our time. Crooks of all kinds and underworld people, these are your peers. And this is actually one of the attractive points of Fallout New Vegas, the different groups that our courier must choose to face or with which it must try to build alliances to survive, knowing that their choices will have repercussions at of its forthcoming meetings.

The graphics in Fallout New Vegas scares

If the graphic appearance of Fallout 3 had suffered much criticism, it would seem that the developers at Obsidian do not have exploited. Yet the aesthetic bias to recreate an atmosphere retro and futuristic at the same time has enough charm to paper. Fallout But New Vegas presents animations that are also retro, especially compared to the most beautiful game today.

New Fallout Vegas, an expected output

In short, Fallout New Vegas looks rather better than its predecessor with rather dense gameplay and game footage and original fun but would have gained to benefit from a new graphics engine. Holders of a PC, a PS3, or Xbox 360 can form their own opinion today or can visit the official website of New Fallout Vegas for more information. Collectors can afford the Collector’s Edition of New Fallout Vegas You can also watch the trailer for Fallout New Vegas cons here.

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