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Beyond Good and Evil 2 Will Be Perfect


Asked by Kotaku.com, Yves Guillemot stressed the expectations placed BGE2 in the project throughout the course of the creator of Rayman.

The U.S. site Kotaku.com has benefited from the Games to request the latest project Beyond Good & Evil 2 to Yves Guillemot, president of Ubisoft and ultimate decision-maker of its release. «We were and we continue to work on the game What really matters with this project is that it will be perfect. »The leader of the French company does not hide from risk BGE2, after disappointing sales of the first. But no going back. «It’s in our DNA to innovate, which is what we are today. »

The first episode mixed adventure, science fiction, fighting, and infiltration in an atmosphere of comic fantasy. If received the little unofficial nickname of “Zelda French,” it does not take much for that second album will be renamed the “Duke Nukem Forever Hex! Since the release felted Beyond Good & Evil in 2003, his followers became one of the most famous games of Arles.

A project in the shadows since 2007

In case the delay of Ubisoft, distributed very sentimental attachment to its creator, Michel Ancel, his universe, the feverish expectation of fans, and … the trauma of the first episode to disappointing sales. Name cryptic jacket strange and fratricidal competition of another game home: Prince of Persia. Ubisoft was so badly sold his own baby.

Only two years ago and according to a report released at the chance of an interview in Video Games Magazine, is known reliably that the creator of Rayman BGE2 on board, and has been since 2007. (We bump on the characters, about what we can express, relate with. We want to be a continuation of the first. Talking about the future of the planet, compared to animals – there are hybrid characters, that man has created for reasons we will begin to explain. In the aftermath, Ubisoft unveiled at Ubidays spring 2008 the first and only official trailer of the game, presented as the new project of Michel Ancel. )

Tools close of cinema

Today, no additional information has penetrated inside BGE2, which follows a slow development, unusual and mysterious. At E3 2010, fans awaited his presentation: they have had «only» Rayman Origins of the same designer.

Michel Ancel wanted to reassure them at the show Montpellier in Game 19 and 20 June. BGE2 advance at their own pace, but still ahead:(We want to remain a small team to keep the creativity so that the game does not become just a commercial product, it keeps a soul. It is an ambitious game, you want to do something exceptional and there is beginning to affect tools that are very, very similar to what exists on film. This is something that is constructed, sometimes it is argued, they are mistaken, it takes a little late, but we want the project to be truly exceptional. So it is not abandoned, is a project that continues.

Below is a video in action, which, although never been officially recognized by Ubisoft (leak?) Could – the conditional essential – predict the direction of BGE2.

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