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Need for Speed Shift


After a few mistakes, Need For Speed is back with driving more requiring … and realistic.

Exit street racing, Need For Speed Shift back to basics with circuit racing career mode and all that is more traditional, The race automobile is a serious subject and it shows: Circuits reproduced at centimeter and cars from the catalogs of major manufacturers modeled to perfection, No place here for error.

Simulation or arcade?

But no question as to transform the very arcade in Need for Speed car simulation
pure and hard, the game is somewhere between the two, we get a playability
which is more of a compromise choice franc.

The Driving wants requiring, no question of passing all corners flat out, but, paradoxically, is driving while skidding, which does not fit exactly how real these cars drive.

The Driving remains least not very pleasant thanks to a sumptuous interior view, probably the most successful currently. In addition to a dashboard full of details, it is the management of the camera that deserves a visit, It is found literally to the driver’s seat, with movements that mimic every move of the wheel, each turn, each shock. in high speed is your sight that blurs slightly, while in case of a severe impact, it will take a few seconds for your digital driver to come to his senses before it can again push the accelerator. Rarely has a cockpit view that has been so immersive … and also playable.

Bumper vs. bumper

Need For Speed Shift is centered on a traditional career mode, where one takes over a young pilot who must move up to participate in major competitions, but also collect as much experience and money to buy and improve its cars (65 different models available), you will be judged on your style or aggressive purpose and function of different challenges that will be offered.

But we must recognize that even with the best intentions, driving while subtlety is very complicated because the artificial intelligence of the game is pretty aggressive and does not hesitate to push you off the track. The AI is also one of the strengths of the title, with opponents who commit sins, leaving the track or go into a spin.

A career and that is all

Outside the career mode, there is a simple quick race mode to put the shifter in solo, while in multiplayer you can challenge other players in races in three rounds or participating in more traditional courses that allow reaping a lot of money to fill his garage. With Shift, Need For Speed goes up on the podium.

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