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Parenting Programs


Do you believe that it is reasonable to rate our parents and ourselves as parents on our parenting skills like we rate other things in life? And, if so, what method would you use for the rating? I guess the typical approach would be on a scale of 1 to 10.

Adopting this approach, how would you rate your parents on a scale from one to ten based on their overall parenting skills. I would probably give my parents an eight or nine. I truly can’t recall many things I would complain about. They did a wonderful job as far as I’m concerned, and after all the things I’ve heard throughout my life about other people’s parents, my siblings and I were definitely fortunate. If you are a parent, you may want to evaluate your own skills and methods every now and again.

I try to be the absolute best dad I can be, and I strive to improve where improvement is needed, which, of course, there always is. We all should do this. It goes without saying that parenting is the most important role you will ever be given. And if you discover that you require some assistance with your methods, it’s not a big deal. This is what contemporary parenting programs were designed for.

If you’ve witnessed or known a few individuals as I have, you will probably agree that some parents should have never had children. Even the best parenting programs probably wouldn’t help them much. I am acquainted with one guy who never pays his four children any attention. Yes, he actually had four of them. He stays busy with work and golf, while his wife works and handles everything else. He never spends any time whatsoever with the kids, and it would appear that he has no plans to.

They seem to be a burden as far as he’s concerned. At one point his wife wanted them to see a counselor or attend parenting programs, but he refused. This is the perfect example of a guy who should not have had children, and yet he had four. So while he is attending to his own selfish lifestyle, his children lack a father figure. Many children go through this, whether we acknowledge it or not.

We should all be thankful for parenting programs and helpful websites that offer great advice. There was a time when this information/help could not be so easily attained. If you’re having trouble with your children or parenting methods, then maybe it’s time you acquired some assistance. Find parenting programs near you, or resort to the Internet for advice.

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