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4 Ways You Can Save on Electricity This Year


It can be quite stressful to stick to your household budget when you’re not clear on how much your utilities will cost each month. While it can be easy to blame your utility company for what you believe to be an inflated electric bill, your utility bill is more likely to be high because of your consumption. For a lower electric bill, read on about four things you should probably start doing today.

1. Compare electricity providers in your area.


Most consumers have almost never changed their electric supplier. As a result of this, most people have attached themselves to one provider, without first taking the time to consider the many options that are readily available. Alternative suppliers may not only have cheaper electric plans, but their customer service may also be better.

By regularly comparing energy and electricity providers you’ll be more aware of the different types of plans being offered. If you wish to compare electricity rates, an online comparison website like iSelect is a great resource for this. To begin with, they will first ask you a few base questions to understand the type of energy plan you’re looking for.

Next, you’ll be prompted to enter your zip code on the search bar at the top of the page to get rates in your area. After this, you’ll be able to compare energy plans from leading providers in your area. Once you’re ready to make your choice, a representative will help you to complete the sign-up process.

While seeking an alternate supplier, it is important to ask about contract terms. For instance, is there a fee if you decide to break your contract? Also, ask who you should speak to directly for billing queries and other issues.

2. Embrace natural light.


If you rarely open your curtains, it might be time to change that. This is because making the most of natural light in the daytime can work towards reducing your electricity consumption. Regardless of where you spend your daysat the office or at homeexposure to natural light has also been found to increase happiness levels. Doesn’t knowing this give you greater incentive to open those blinds?

For starters, try arranging your office space in a way that allows natural light to flood your desk. When possible, keep the electric lights off. Should you need extra lighting during the day, consider using a low-powered lamp instead. If the thought of opening your curtains on a daily basis doesn’t appeal to you, consider buying curtains made from diaphanous fabric, or blinds that come in a light shade. Besides offering privacy, they’ll also allow natural light to shine through.

3. Buy energy-efficient home appliances.


On average, your appliances contribute about 13 percent of your entire household’s energy use. Knowing this, when buying any home appliances, make sure that they have an ENERGY STAR label. The ENERGY STAR label is a government-supported guarantee that the appliance in question will consume less energy during use, even when on standby.

The label makes it easy for consumers to identify and purchase energy-efficient products that offer savings on energy bills without sacrificing performance, features, and comfort. Knowing this, if any of your appliances are older than 10 years, it may be time to upgrade to new ENERGY STAR models which use consume less energy.

4. Use renewable energy.


As you compare electric rates and energy suppliers, also factor in where they source their energy. If possible, consider going with a company that uses green energy, such as solar energy. The companies that offer this service are small in number, so you may have to dig a bit deeper to seek them out.

Although the switch may be expensive, that’s a small price to pay when you consider just how much you’ll save over time.

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