Dating an influencer is like a dream come true for many people. They follow all the social media accounts religiously to check what their favorite person is up to!

However, with power comes great responsibility. While dating a social media influencer might put you on the list of famous who’s who, it will also come with an obligation that you need to manage.

Here are some of the pros and cons of being in a relationship with an influencer,

Not just a partner 

When you are their significant other, you aren’t just their partner but a photographer, planner, researcher, marketer, fashion police, etc. Since you know their crazy schedule, they are highly likely to depend on you to help them with their everyday obstacles.

You might find it satisfying to help them in need. But, he/she might not be considerate of your help. Yours SO is used to having people assist around so much that they don’t bother about your priorities.

The team member 

When dating an influencer, you get first-hand information about all the latest news. Who’s promoting a new brand? What is your SO’s next business strategy? How are you promoting their brand online?

You also become a part of their business discussions and influence them with your insights. Surprise them by getting big brand contacts to help them climb the career ladder. Use to access the email contacts of influential people of any given company.

Protip:’s Gmail Chrome extension is very beneficial. It can help you find the hierarchy and search the email address of any professional of every company!

The mixed feelings 

There is a good reason why your SO doesn’t publicize their relationship status. It depends upon what their current image is in the public eye. So, in a way, it is great because you won’t have to face much of the paparazzi and attention as they usually would.

However, this also means they’re hiding or avoiding commitment in the relationship. The feelings can be mixed and intense. But, with proper communication between the two, you can sort the priorities.

You’re not alone 

Because they are on the hustle 24/7, you’d find yourself ghosted for many dates and important events. They will be attending some other influencer’s party to enhance their contacts while you sit alone in the theater for the movie date they had planned.

You’ll feel lonely most of the time and drained out too. Because, though you’re supporting one hundred percent, it doesn’t reciprocate back. Dating a celebrity requires a lot of patience and understanding.

However, remember that you aren’t the only one here. If you both care for each other equally, they will also feel lonely despite standing in the crowd. And will show affection tenfold when they return!

Final thoughts

Being in a relationship with a celebrity or an influencer isn’t an easy task. Even though you share a great bond, you need to communicate with each other regularly. If you feel like you’re dancing on the eggshells with this relationship then it is ideal that you convey the same with your SO and walk away peacefully.