Are you stuck with inspiration to turn your small bathroom into a more elegant and stylish space? Fret not, as we’ve got a number of different solutions you can implement. The good news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to turn your bathroom into the beautiful space you desire.

To help you get started quickly, we have compiled a list of space-saving and design ideas. These will help you decorate, remodel, and transform your bathroom, turning it into one of the best areas of your home.

1. Choose Light Colors

The best way to make a place appear more spacious is to apply light and bright colors. Opting for lighter colors helps to better reflect natural light and gives the illusion of a more open and airy room.

If you are not sure of the color to choose, simply change the wall and ceiling colors to brilliant white. You can’t go wrong with white, as you’ll find many bathroom sanitary wares and fixtures, with matching colors.

2. Opt for a Minimalist Design

The key to an effective small bathroom design is to make it modern and minimalist. Organize your bathroom around important elements and avoid adding any unnecessary items. 

A good idea is to create a small storage space outside the bathroom to reduce clutter. Don’t keep your extra towels, personal care, and makeup within your bathroom. You won’t need any large cabinets, and you can make do with a small washbasin counter.

3. Use Wall Mounted Storage

Wall-mounted cabinets don’t use any floor space. They make the bathroom look a bit larger than it is. 

Take advantage of the modern and minimalist appearance of this wall-mounted storage. You will find a size that can hang on your wall and fit your bathroom design perfectly.

4. Shower Bath

Don’t let the size of your bathroom prevent you from having a shower bath. Small shower baths are ideal for compact spaces and can be made to fit the space with ease. 

A good option is an oval-shaped bath. The rounded edges of this bath give the impression of a larger space. 

To conceal any plumbing, you can add a shallow shelf. It will give you more surface space to put your bath salts and one or two bathroom plants.

5. Use Mirrors for Light Effects

Mirrors reflect light and can make most rooms feel bigger. Hang one or more large mirrors above your bathroom basin. 

The mirror(s) will cause the natural light to bounce off and give the impression of a larger bathroom. It’s one of the tried and tested techniques used by professional interior designers to make any space feel larger.

6. Bring in a Slim Trolley

Place all your essential items on a slim trolley. Wheel the cart back and forth from your basin to your bath and back.

This mobile storage system allows you to maximize your storage space, all the while remaining versatile and useful. Select a trolley with a slim design, so that you can put in a corner when you are through with it.

7. Create Zones 

Use zones to make the bathroom feel a bit larger. Make clearly defined zones with varied wall paneling and a variety of tiles.

You can place a wooden wall panel at the back of the toilet and lay a different set of tiles around the bath area and the sink. Each area of the bathroom will feel separate, creating a feeling of distance between them.

8. Add an Oblong Sink

A narrow space will look constrained at first. But adding an oblong sink will enable you to give it the look you desire.

Pick an oblong sink with a large volume, it will take up little space since it has a narrow width. Then add the taps to the side, so that water can run across the length of the sink. 

9. Upgrade Your Accessories

Without spending a lot of resources on remodeling, you can improve your bathroom with new accessories. Make it look more stylish with new lighting, vintage rugs, and patterned towels. 

Upgrade your taps and place new lighting fixtures to bring more glamour to your bathroom.

10. Get Creative with Your Door

There’s no shortage of ideas when thinking about your bathroom door. The first one is to remove it completely. Taking it off will save you the space required for it to swing in and out, however, this is recommended for those to whom privacy isn’t an issue. 

Next, you could tuck it into the wall. This is known as a pocket door. If you can afford the cost, it’s well worth the investment. 

Another idea is to fit a split door that swings. This door remains at the door space without taking up any additional space within the bathroom.

Finally, you could choose a glass door. The door may be tinted or frosted, so you don’t have to use a curtain and your privacy will be preserved.

Even in a smaller space, you can achieve many different looks that will make that space feel bigger than what it actually is. As long as you properly think about what you want to accomplish with your upgrades, taking into consideration the unique properties of the space, your dream bathroom will soon become a reality. 

Now you have many ideas to use to renovate your small bathroom. Take another look at them. Pick a few that you can apply and take steps to create the type of bathroom space you love.